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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:11   #1
Drunk Monk
Je suis moine ivre
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Саша Грей ушла с большого экрана http://www.facebook.com/SashaGrey?sk=wall&filter=2

Something for the Fans: I’ve always tried to be as open and honest with my fans (and onlookers) as much as possible. With the way social media has progressed, a lot of personalization has been lost. The purpose of this is to address the elephant in the room, and to thank all of you.

It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult film performer has expired. Don’t worry, I haven’t found Jesus. One thing is for certain, I’m proud to say I have no regrets, I genuinely feel I accomplished everything I could as a performer. I was able to work with the industry’s most professional performers and companies, and I’ll always cherish the friends and relationships I was able to build. It was simply the perfect time for me to move on... while I was on top (pun indeed, intended). Life sometimes takes us in a direction we never could have imagined.

Thanks to my friend Brandon Stosuy, last week at Housing Works in NYC I had a very successful launch for my first book, NEÜ SEX. We had a huge turnout of people for our discussion and signing, all while supporting a cause! Vice and I donated several copies of the book to Housing Works, so everyone who bought a book (or a drink) in turn helped fight HIV/AIDS and homelessness. Some very familiar faces showed up that night, and I’m happy I got to share my excitement with all of them!

Four years in the making, NEÜ SEX includes my visual mosaic through photography, my sexual philosophy, and observations. I’d just like to say thank you to every individual who has supported me from day one, you are truly my shining stars. If you had not listened, if you weren’t interested, this book would not exist. I’ll forever be grateful, and humbled by your outpouring of support. This book is dedicated to you.

Lotta Continua


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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:13   #2
Статус кво
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хватит дрочить
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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:14   #3
Super Moderator
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ах она порнографичка ! она что голую грудь транслировала на весь мир? стыд и срам...
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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:31   #4
сам иди в жопу!
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Неслабо там наград...
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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:35   #5
накидка-антиблик адидас
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я даже незнаю кто это
Zodar = Affbox
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Старый 08.04.2011, 18:45   #7
Senior Member
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Моё сердце разбито
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Старый 08.04.2011, 19:07   #8
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Старый 08.04.2011, 19:17   #9
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щечки то растянули уже
Продаю старые домены с историей, PR, беками - ICQ 6000071
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Старый 08.04.2011, 19:21   #10
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еще бы)
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