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Join us for another live chat - June 19, 2008
from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog by Adam Lasnik
Written by Adam Lasnik, Search Evangelist

When it comes to talking with webmasters, we just can't get enough.

This past March we had the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of you online in our first-ever Webmaster Help Group online live chat, which included a presentation on Images in Google Search by Maile, lots of feedback from you on webmaster issues, a site clinic, and dozens of questions answered by folks from our Google Webmaster Central team.

Given the success of this previous chat, we've decided to do it again. We're hosting another free live chat (dubbed JuneTune), and we'd love to have you attend!
Here's what you'll need:

* About an hour of free time.
* A phone, or ability to make a phone call online (e.g., with Skype or Gizmo5, etc.)
* An internet-connected computer, and these additional specifications.
* A URL for the chat, which you can only get when you register for the event (you can likely do this in under 60 seconds)

What will our JuneTune chat include?

* INTRO: A quick hello from some of your favorite Help Group Guides
* PRESO: A presentation on Personalization in Google Search by our own John Mueller.
* FAQs: We're calling this "Three for Three," and we'll have three different Googlers tackling three different issues we've seen come up in the Group recently. What will they be? You'll just have to attend the chat to find out!
* And lots of Q&A! You'll have a chance to type questions during the entire session, and we'll pick as many as we can to answer in writing and in speaking during the chat.

When and how can you join in?

* Mark the date on your calendar now: Thursday, June 19, for about one hour starting at 2:00pm PDT / 5:00pm EDT / 21:00 UTC / 23:00 CET
* Register right now for this event. Please note that you'll need to click on the "register" link on the lefthand side.
* Using the link e-mailed to you by WebEx (the service hosting the event), log in 5-10 minutes prior to 2pm PDT.

We hope you can stop by, and look forward to chatting with you! In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to post a note in this Groups thread.
я так понял гугл делает live chat, где можно будет обсудить вопросы по seo. блин... если бы был хороший энглиш - я бы подискутировал, а так только для прикола буду слушать. кто-то собирается в этом учавствовать?

Последний раз редактировалось pesdexx; 19.06.2008 в 13:03. Причина: ошибся, блин :)
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а куда конектится чтобы послушать?
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а куда конектится чтобы послушать?
http://googlewebmastercentral.blogsp...t-june-19.html - брал отсюда
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