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Viagra is the medicine that used for solving the problem connected with men’s impotence or erectile dysfunction in another words. This medication is oral one. It effects on a man after 30 minutes of taking it to 1 hours and continuous its action approximately for 4 hours. Viagra has its advantages; this is a healthy track record.
Generally men have the problem with erectile dysfunction after 40 years, but sometimes we can meet such a problem in other age groups. As research shows, there is a lot of prevalence of erectile dysfunction in Russia as well as abroad. For example, in Massachusetts according to the interview of 1709 men, in the age from 40 to 70, the problem with erection occurred 52% of them. That is why this problem is really exists and it sufficiently widespread. In Russia the main reasons of this problem are alcoholism and smoking low quality cigarettes and also man’s chronic fatigue from the struggle for survival. Doctors do not tell that Viagra is panacea, it makes just temporary effects, but it is possible that in the future more committed drugs will be created on this basis.
Last time it is very popular to use this medicine, and its popularity is growing constantly. Almost every man considers as his duty to test its effects on himself. As pharmacists say that one of three popular products that is sold at night, is Viagra. Let us see what is going on and how Viagra effects. The action of Viagra is based on muscle relaxation and increasing blood flow in a cavernous body. This effect is achieved by inhibition of enzyme with a difficult name of phospodiesterase type 5. In another words this medication expands blood vessels in a penis during sexual arousal and as the result blood flow in a penis increases and this provides a normal erection.
In 1992, as a lot of important discoveries, the effect of the medication was founded accidentally. It was Pfizer, the pharmacy company that had clinical experiments of a new medication – sildenafil on men-volunteers. At this time this medication was used for the curing of heart illness, but in fact necessary influence on the heart was not received. However the specialists payed attention to the “ side effect” of this medicine , it was increasing potency of men. So, since 1998 after this case, this medicine, named Viagra was introduced first in U.S. pharmacies. A respectable pharmacy company Pfizer produced this medicine – Viagra, that covered by blue cover and has diamond-shaped form. There are some numbers and words on this drug: «VGR 100", «VGR 25» or «VGR 50" on the one side and the word “Pfizer” on the other one. An active ingredient of this medication is sildenafil. These numbers show how many milligrams of sidenafil are in each pill of Viagra. Generally it is recommended to take dose in 50 mg. for the most patients. Anyway, it can be increased to 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg according to an individual tolerance. The medication must be taken one time per day, not more then that and approximately one hour before sexual act. The medication should be swallowed with some quantity of water. It is very important to be aware of that erection occurs just only when there is a sexual stimulation. The attendance of your loving woman and intimate atmosphere will help you with this. Fatty meals and abundant meals should not be taken during using this medication as it decreases the action of medicine and even effect may be delayed. You should not take also alcohol, particularly in large quantities. For older people, from 65 years and more, it is recommended to take individual dosages as the medication outputs slower on this age and it can circulate in the blood for a long time.
Viagra is a unique medication for curing impotence; it is easy in use, available and effective enough. Anyway, as all medication it has side effects. It is recommended to read carefully the instructions of this medication before using. It is known that before using any medicine you should be acquainted with annotation of this one, but of course it would be better if you consult your doctor about dosage, frequency of taking and duration of use and about possible side effects. You should not be shamed because of this, it is normal. Viagra is contraindicated if you use constantly or with breaks nitrates such as izoket, nitrosobide kardiket or another as this medicine increases hypotensive effect of nitrates and it may cause blood pressure falling even to critical points. If you are not sure about contents of nitrates in the medication you use, please consult your doctor. Another side effect of this medication is an allergic reaction, like a face or lips swelling, skin rash or shortness of breath.
This medication should be used very carefully for men with anatomical deformation of theirs penis, in case of illnesses accompanied by bleeding, during first six months after myocardial infarction, for men who had heard attack, with severe arrhythmias, or with exacerbation of duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer. You should refrain from using this medication if your blood pressures more than 170/100 or less than 90/50.
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